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Gaia United is a Community Interest Company, created with the intention of uniting, first and foremost; local communities, with opportunities to expand into wider community bases.

Our main audience is the youth (aged 16 and under) but we also welcome ALL members of the community, both young and old. Our aim is to build connections within the community in order to build; strong, healthy, long-lasting relationships between all members and to teach appreciation of our Mother Earth and all inhabitants.

We intend to accomplish our mission by means of creativity, mindfulness, self-sustainability, equality and of course LOVE. Love being at the core of our mission. Love for one another, Love for nature, LOVE FOR LIFE.

Our intention is to create a 'Safe Haven' for the youth, a place they can go to and be themselves completely, where they will have necessary support to explore their own abilities in their own time, without fear of judgement or discrimination, where they can meet and interact with a diverse range of other cultures with the potential to learn from each other in the process.

This will be done by means of:

Creating indoor and outdoor spaces specifically for this purpose.
Organizing workshops - art, music, horticulture, self-awareness, self-sustainability, and more.
Organizing community 'Clean up/resurrection' projects involving both youth and adult members of the community.
Organizing Live entertainment for the community.

Providing the necessary support required in order to assist all members on the journey of 'finding their place in society', for them to be able to explore the many different options available before deciding on their chosen paths.

Involving all members in decision making, project funding/fundraising etc.

Giving them a sense of their own responsibility as part of a team, which in turn will also gain them experience in team building progressively building a society that can consider how their actions can affect not only themselves but the wider community.

Our project is a brand new idea, something that has not been tried before.

Our aim is to provide the youth with the necessary tools to build and allow them to create our future. The old ways are crumbling, they're not working anymore, this is evident now, more so than ever.
It’s time for change; for a step forward in evolution!
We need to allow our children to be that change!

"The children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way"
:Whitney Houston

"The key to the future is within our children,
all we have to do, is encourage and build with them.
Embrace the magic they are blessed with,
know that their abilities are a divine gift.
A gift we should treasure,
shower their uniqueness with pleasure.
Do not become their oppressor.
your childs abilities will guide you through life,
through the warmest days, and darkest nights,
they will be at your side, and will help you to fight.
Never underestimate their abilities,
they are more clued on than they seem to be.
they see everything we refuse to see.
Allow them to become everything we as a species failed to be.
in their minds, we plant the seeds,
as they grow, we water and feed,
they will show you what they need,
just teach them well, and let them lead.
Teach them love, respect, and gratitude,
teach them manners, and not to be rude,
teach them life will reflect their attitude,
their thoughts will create the reality they live,
the universe will give them exactly what they give.
Teach them to use their wisdom to uplift,
and their unique abilities should be shared as a gift.
Teach them to love and inspire,
to appreciate and admire,
to ignite others internal fires,
and do all you can to ensure they elevate higher"
:Sov Candle


Sophie Moore
Samantha Mattinson
Rachel Faerian
John Moore
13 Station Terrace
Lampeter, Ceredigion, Wales
Email: info@gaia-united.co.uk
Phone: 07950480673
"Do all you can to ensure they elevate higher"
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